Good induction programmes increase productivity of staff and also play a critical role under the socialization to the organization in terms of performance, attitudes and organizational commitment. The Training started with well-designed induction programme with an expectation of significantly increase in the speed to competency of new employees.  The induction started with a guided tour of the building followed by yoga and music sessions. They were introduced to a couple of charismatic Ted Talks/ Pedagogy sessions that gave new teachers beautiful insights into the lives and minds of great people. Every department of the school gave an inexplicable feeling of joy and positivity to the new teachers. Art first programme, JWAP files, School safety protocols, Disaster management, tech study, policies and various guidelines were the focused areas of the training programme.

The training programme culminated with a surprise skit by the school Principal Mrs. Neelam Chakrabarty who is highly committed to the excellence gave an insight to the lighter side of the life. Audience was enthralled by her performance and felt motivated by her gesture. Junior wing teachers were given a complete demonstration on conducting circle time. They were made aware of the proper sequence of circle time along with the opening songs, the settling up song and ending of circle time song.

 Teachers were also explained the use of a speaking object along with some interesting games to keep children engrossed. A comprehensive exam for the teaching faculty was conducted. Exams intended to understand extent of learning in children can find ways of using graded assignments in creative ways within the guidelines of the board.


The overall workshop objective was to review a range of solutions to provide medical countermeasures rapidly to large number of people to protect them before or during a public health emergency, such as a bioterrorist attack or infectious disease outbreak.

A very informative session on the topic medical emergencies was conducted by city’s leading paediatrician Dr. Shrish Kankariya (Paediatrician) in the school premises Delhi Public School, Pune for teachers. The workshop was conducted on 29th May 2019.

He focused on the Life threatening allergic reactions, particularly related to food which often triggers due to chemical reactions, Chocking, severe cases of Asthma and the correct way of dealing with the children who faint in assemblies, classrooms etc.

Use of CPR and AEDs is a valuable addition to school emergency response. An AED program is to be covered by a school policy, and staff members who are trained for such use are to be able to respond effectively to first aid and cardiopulmonary emergencies. Teachers were asked to list any suggestions they may have on how their knowledge and skills   could be improved.

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