“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi.

To sensitize the children about the fauna around us, Major Co-Curricular Activity “Fauna Care” was organized for the Class Nursery and Preparatory on January 24, 2019. It also gave an opportunity to the children to explore nature and understand the animal world.

In order to provide the firsthand experience to the young minds lawn was decorated with the big cut outs of Farm, Pet and Wild Animals. The lawn has been transformed into the domicile of various pet animals. The kids enjoyed watching different breeds of dog in the kennel and the food they eat. The rabbits, cats and kittens in the baskets attracted them a lot.

The love birds, parrots and macaws seemed talking with them about their habitat.  Watching the festivity around them the fishes in the fish tank swam with zest. A special assembly was conducted. The children of Class Prep gave the introduction of the assembly. It was followed by a rhyme based on animals by the tiny tots of Nursery. Few Preparatory children spoke about their favorite pet animal. The highlight of the assembly for the children was the enactment on an Animal Story by the teachers of Class Nursery and Preparatory. Indoor activities give children an opportunity to socialize with others and to develop life skills. Children were overjoyed to make the bird’s nest on the paper plate. This activity gave the basic information to them on how the bird weaves a nest with the help of various materials like twigs, dry grass, cotton etc. Nature Walk and Put me at my right place were Outdoor Activities for the students. Videos related to the picture dictionary and wild animal’s names were shown to the children. This major co-curricular activity enabled children to understand that they share their environment with many other animals and will be able to identify many of them. Animals come in many shapes and sizes, inhabit different places, and live in different ways. Understanding what makes a species special and where and how it lives are important if people are to learn to conserve and co-exist with wildlife.


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