Nature is the reflection of God just like children with their innocence and naïve attitude towards the world that they perceive. As every child has their unique ways to express their feelings, nature also shows distinctive ways in the form of seasons. Each season leaves its mark upon nature and also upon people’s mind and life.

Delhi Public School, has taken a step forward sensitizing students, from an early age, regarding the importance of different seasons and developing the love and care for the green cover through the Major Co- Curricular Monthly Activity “Season’s Delight”..

A special assembly was conducted where children of Class Prep spoke about Summer and Rainy season. They enjoyed singing action songs on these seasons with colourful props and headgears. The compeering of the entire assembly was very proficiently handled by the class I students. They also showcased their talent through an astonishing dance performance depicting different seasons. Indoor activities were circle time, my smiling sun craft, rain cloud craft, cotton wool snowman etc. Children went for a nature walk where the gardener explained them about the compost pit.

The purpose of this major activity was to infuse sensitivity towards nature and knowledge about its appearances by providing the children with hands on learning. Each season has its own message for us. At the end of the day children were really enriched with profound knowledge and understanding of seasons which met the intent of this activity.

Learning outcomes were developing their love and care for nature, helped in generating the awareness to save nature. Children were able to identify four seasons and types of clothes worn in each season. It enriched their knowledge about the changes in the climate and environment during different seasons. It enhanced their thinking skills and sharpened their imaginative skills.

Added on: 19 Jul 2018

Published by: School Admin