Children’s Day is a day to celebrate childhood – the sweet memories, innocuous desires, unconditional happiness and the carefree days. India celebrates its Children’s Day on 14th November. This day marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Thus, keeping these varied aspects in mind, it was an endeavour to help our little ones to appreciate and respect each other in their diverse mindset that the event Bal Sangam was organized.

The event started with a warm welcome for the children as they were greeted by their Principal and teachers with flower shower and putting tilaks on their foreheads followed by a short assembly where teachers of class Nursery, Prep, 1 and 2 presented a dance, a skit and sang a melodious song which made all the children happy and for the students of classes IV and V a hilarious skit “Jamun ka Ped” was presented by the support staff.

The Green group enjoyed indoor activities like my craft rabbit, tissue dance, tatoo parlour, traffic lights, balancing the book and follow the path. Another amazing craft activity which children enjoyed making with handprint cutouts used as birds feathers along with a circle as birds face stuck on ice cream stick. The Blooming Buds representing the Red Group, enjoyed playing plethora of indoor activities like Animal Charades, Memory Game, and Puppet Making.   

The Yellow group enjoyed the fun filled indoor activities like Paper bag skit, Freeze dance, Ring the hat, making a sock puppet, Say the colour not the word and Bomb in the City. Students made adorable socks puppets and presented small skits. The students enjoyed listening to their friend’s creative stories. The students were thrilled to play all outdoor games like Ball in the Bin, Toss a Ring, Freeze Dance etc. The day will remain etched in their memory and whenever they think of their school days, they will surely remember this day.

Added on: 14 Nov 2019

Published by: School Admin