Physics is not restricted to books. Physics is a macro-concept. The universe is governed by the laws of physics. Our life is governed by laws of physics, hidden from casual eyes! The light, sound, friction, gravitation, pressure, temperature, velocity, electricity and magnetism have all surrounded us. Delhi Public School Pune is an active member of IISER Pune. Teachers attended sessions conducted by Dr. Arvind Natu, Mr. Vivek and Prof. Bhagwan Chakradeo on 26th March 2019. This session was meant for teachers to understand the concept of STORY TO FILM. 

The topics covered during the session were:

  • Emerging traits in Science Education & Interdisciplinary Approach.
  • Students Centric Education: To make students a part of the System & Evaluation, taking out the fear of examination, letting them feels the ownership, etc.

Guided the Teachers’ to escalate from the B (Biology) Vs. M (Mathematics) Battle & explained the students more about the broad spectrum of choices of subjects available.

It was astonishing to notice that the demos were implemented with the daily life objects put together in a proper manner and with the flavor of physics that generated wonders!

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