"The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one”.

Delhi Public School, Pune believes in expanding the horizons of a child. As a part of this process of introducing newer perspectives before the young minds, the Social Science Department conducted a seminar- “A Reflection on the Realities” on 6th October, 2018. The Seminar was divided into three segments- A Guest Lecture, A Parliamentary Debate and a Moot Court. The seminar included students from classes IX to XII.

GUEST LECTURE: It started with an introduction to the Guest Lecturer Commander Rajesh Sinha. He was a veteran submariner who served as a Senior Engineer of INS Sindhurakshak during the Kargil War. He introduced a Naval Perspective to the Kargil War which was an eye opener for the students who believed that “Operation Vijay” was all about the Army and the Air Force.

PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE: After the enriching guest lecture students debated on the topic- “Death penalty should be abolished in modern societies”. The debate offered students the opportunity in critical thinking, development of their academic research skills, improvement in their communication abilities, solution of problems in a creative way, and an increase in their self-confidence.

MOOT COURT: Moot court is a simulated oral argument made before an appellate court. It is not a trial, there are no witnesses and no evidence. It is a method of teaching law and legal skills that requires students to analyse and argue both sides of a hypothetical legal issue using procedures of the courts. It helps to learn to anticipate difficult questions about their legal position and respond intelligently and persuasively. The case that was presented by the students was on human rights.

The seminar presented an opportunity before the students’, wide perspectives on the various social issues. Though there is no end to the learning process, these three forms of learning will surely go a long way in ensuring that students enhance their academic skills.

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