The Indian Science & Engineering Fair (INSEF) Regional Fair Pune hosted by the Exciting Science group was held at IISER, Pune. INSEF is a program conceptualized by Science Society of India (SSI) which provides a platform for students from class VI to XII to demonstrate research projects in topics including Energy, Engineering, Environment, Physics, Chemistry and Biology etc.

The judging panel was chaired by SSI representatives who are reputed scientists and engineers. My project, which was in the field of engineering, was one of the 20 projects selected for the event from the Pune region and won a bronze medal in the competition.

The event had a great impact on me as it not only provided me with a platform to present my project, but also helped students to connect with the experts in the field of engineering who gave recommendations to improve the project.

 The judges and general public also gave me a valuable advice and pointed out certain problems that children may come across while developing this project which hadn’t given a thought to before.

The project dealt with improving the acceleration of cars with turbocharger lag. Turbocharger lag negatively affects the efficiency of automobile engines, and also leads to adverse effects on the environment.

In te model, below a certain speed, the engine behaves like a naturally aspirated (an engine without a turbocharger) engine-the air does not pass through the turbocharger compressor before entering the intake manifold, instead passing through a bypass pipe.

The air thus does not face the obstruction due to the compressor which is not yet running. The functioning of the model and its advantages explained to the judges as well as to the school students, IISER students and parents at the event.

Added on: 13 Jan 2018

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