Victory is in the quality of competition, not the final score.”

Co-curricular activities bring out the linguistic, logical-mathematical and spatial talents of an individual student. These activities serve to supplement the efforts by the teachers who diligently bolster and foster the inherent talents of the student.

Delhi Public School, Pune offers a wide variety of sporting and non-sporting activities to students. Besides the regular curriculum, a lot of importance is given to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Each and every co-curricular activity has been carefully chosen and introduced into the school after ensuring that the teachers/coaches/trainers are of unimpeachable integrity and are capable of performing the multi-dimensional functions that the co-curricular activity entails. The co-curricular activities may be classified as intra-school, inter-school and holistic activities. Along with the co curricular activities, the school has introduced Clubs that cater to the peculiar interests of individual students of the school.

The co-curricular programme is implemented through Thursday Activities and SUPW sessions which are held every Wednesday. Apart from these, various other on-and off-campus programmes like Night Camp, excursions and trips, and inter- and intra-school competitions are also organized. These camps are organized and conducted by experts. To encourage and enthuse students, interactive sessions are conducted with visiting faculties, celebrated artists, scientists, and thinkers throughout the year. We have also adopted Financial Literacy Programme that aims at fostering work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial skills to link education to practical and contextual knowledge.

Takshila firmly believes that enriching literature is the backbone of holistic education. It has led to a wide range of books and periodicals under the banner of Takshila publication. The collection of timeless anthologies such as Kathavali series, Science Trivia books, Eye Spy Indian Art, Ek Tara Bole, TES Orbit and Pluto–are borne out of deep reflection and zeal on our part to offer quality reading material to our children. Takshila Value Series Ashwath, Arete, Avigat, Ahsaas, Ajasram and Amizhdham are poems artfully collected and embellished from multiple sources to provide a glimpse into the rich heritage of our country.

To assist children acquire socio-emotional skills, Life Skill Development Programme is taken up as a special subject. It is aimed at providing students a practical hands-on approach to the real world which awaits them once they step-out of the safe cocoon of the school life. Through this programme we strive to instill in our students’ leadership qualities. Takshila has joined hands with the Magic Bus Foundation under a Student Leadership Programme. Play brings out many related teachable moments beyond the rules of the game. The Magic Bus Programme has been introduced for the senior students creating an experience which is joyful, safe, and facilitates learning through a mentor. Sports through the Magic Bus methodology helps children acquire socio emotional skills which is an integral part of their learning process.

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