Modernization has opened doors to development but has almost closed our gate to nature. So, to bring awareness amongst the children Deli Public School, Pune organized ‘Jungle Walk ‘and it was attended by classes Nursery, Prep and I.

A special assembly was conducted for the children, in which the nurserians recited rhymes with actions, which were done in the circle time related to farm animals. The children of Preparatory presented their favorite action song “Old Mac Donald…..” Class I spoke about some amazing facts related to wild animals and presented a skit on the song “Jungle Mei Janwar Khelte Hai’ in which they were dressed as different animals and enacted their walk and talk.

During circle time, the class teachers gave information about farm house, farm animals and their young ones. Children made a lamb using white chart paper, glue and cotton. The teacher talked about wild animals and their habitat. With the help of a poem “Save Animals” the teacher promoted awareness about the hunting of wild animals.

 Children were thrilled to take a walk through the jungle amidst trees and bushes and be with the wild animals and explore the jungle Children enjoyed playing the game “One Elephant went out one day”. The major activity helped to develop awareness regarding the importance of nature. The craft activities enhanced their creative skills. It helped to develop a feeling of care for nature. Play way method of learning provided hands on experience.

Added on: 25 Jan 2018

Published by: School Admin