“The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, ‘The children are now working as if I did not exist.” -- Maria Montessori

The Open House for Classes Nursery-III and IV-V was conducted on Saturday, 2nd and 16th   December 2017 respectively. Parents were greeted to a beautiful, sunny day and it remained warm and pleasant throughout the Open House. To light up the Christmas spirit, a brilliant array of decorations were lined up along the walkways, at the entrance and scattered in the quadrangles for a bright, twinkling Christmas display. Christmas music put everyone in the seasonal spirit.

The blend of Christmas decorations and songs created a beautiful experience for the parents. Parents were very enthusiastic to know about the academic performance of their ward. They had many queries which were efficiently dealt with by the Class Teachers and the school Principal Mrs. Neelam Chakrabarty. She interacted personally with parents & took a firsthand feedback from them. It also bridged the communication gap between the parents and the teachers, which is the very essence of smooth functioning of this partnership.

Parents witnessed mesmerizing ‘subject-related’ displays by the students of grade 4 and 5 showcasing Science Experiments, Mathematical Calculations, Hindi Play, English Idioms and Sanskrit Shlokas. The various informative corners drew a wide-spread applause and appreciation from the parents and the teachers alike.

The entire school was adorned with Christmas decorations in keeping with the yuletide spirit. Scholastic Exhibition was enticing everybody. The Open House went on smoothly and ended within the stipulated time. Transport department managed parking efficiently.


Added on: 16 Dec 2017

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