21 September 2018 was celebrated as SEWA DIWAS in Delhi Public School, Pune to venerate the valuable contribution of the services of our Outsource Staff – namely Bus Drivers, Conductors and Housekeepers. The evening opened up to the beautiful tunes of “Ganesh Vandana “as the auspicious lamp was lit to invoke the presence of the almighty. The “Viswa Karma Geet” enhanced the mood even further. The “Shiv Bhajan” was set to different rhythmic patterns and that added to the variety. The stage was further set to the folklore as the song “Mihai Koli” that spiced up the event more.

As the music was setting in “Dhara 370”, a very touching play enlightened the audience. This was followed by a dance that brought out the exuberance and the glamour of the evening. The dancers used “diyas” and flags and uplifted the joyous mood. Words of wisdom came from the hearts of these very fond of… “ didis and  bhaiyas” as the poetry mood brought out their humble and modest feelings. Every word recited was a reflection to their devotion towards their work, work ethics and to the institution as whole.

The Lejim performance was high spirited and was danced to perfect beats and swift moves. A beautiful song on “Raje Shivaji” extolled the mighty warriors story through its lyrical rendition. As the beats of the “Dhol, the Tassha and the Sambhal” filled up the air, the audience was left asking for more. The evening was a display of their hard work, their relentless practice and their endless commitment to perform their items errorless. Colors of orange, white and yellows made the scenes even more vivid. The evening performance was completed with the finale song “kisi ki muskrahaton par ho nisar…” which was sung with endless positivity.

Pearls of wisdom and gracious guidance coming from the epitome of experience – The school Principal Mrs. Neelam Chakrabarty endorsed the participant’s perseverance that was witnessed through such an evening of color and unity. Mesmerized as she appeared, she stood as an inspiration to the entire gathering. She was indeed a celebrated artist that evening as her speech touched the hearts of each present there. It will always remain an evening to remember.



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