To make the children aware about the importance of community helpers and to foster a sense of gratitude for them major co -curricular activity “Hands That Care” was organized on 20 September, 2018. The day started off with a Special Assembly where driver, conductor and gardener were invited and they conveyed the children about the type of work they do and the safety measure that should be taken by the children which will help them to perform their task more efficiently.

Circle time activity provided a chance for the teachers to speak about the prominence of different community helpers. As the tiny tots had already been visited the “DPS Bakery”, the making of baker generated interest amongst them. To make the activity more informative, different community helpers like driver, conductor, gardener and traffic police were called in the Assembly. To imbibe the moral values like helping others and dignity of labour, beautiful thank you cards were given to the special guests who had visited the assembly.

Children of class Prep wrote “My Community” at the center and drew their house and places around their house. Children watched a video on community helpers with great interest and through beautiful art work portrayed their father’s and mother’s occupation in the art journal.

Children from each section of class I was dressed up as different community helpers and they also enacted according to their characters. Children learnt the specific tools used in different work and the uniform worn by different community helpers.

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