The Geo Hazards Society India, an offshoot of GeoHazards International, is a non-profit organisation that works towards making communities equipped to face hazards— natural or man-made, through preparedness, mitigation and advocacy. Under the guidance of Mr Hari Kumar and Mr. Pranav Sethi the programme has been carried out at Delhi Public School, Pune for administration and non-administration staff 29 May 2019 to 1 June 2019.

The three day workshop was conducted for teachers aimed at the importance of preparedness of any type of natural or man-made disaster like earthquake, fire or terrorism. With the presentations showing disasters in past, the guest speaker aimed at identifying the structural and non-structural changes to prevent any type of disaster.

The role of teachers to manage the emergency situation was discussed in detail. The concept of “SURVIVAL ARC “was discussed comprising of the three “Ds “i.e. Denial, Deliberation and Decisive action. A fleet of choices were demonstrated to fix the problems, clamps and fastening were some of them. Usage of EVA sheets and fishing ropes were also suggested. Techniques to secure life threatening objects were taught.  

For the well-being of children within the school campus and to create a safe learning environment a few detailed introspections were done. Mr. Hari Kumar appreciated Delhi Public School, Pune team to be proactive and alert towards the school safety. Retro fittings and water coolers were considered as very innovative steps.

Special workshop was conducted for bus conductors and drivers to sensitize staff on tackling any kind disaster. They were made aware about their role and steps to prevent causalities.

The disaster management is the discipline by which human beings continuously makes efforts to reduce the harm caused by the disasters. This calls for a proactive collaboration on establishing and monitoring safety procedures applicable to infrastructure, resources, transport, as well as the emotional and physical well-being of children within the school campus to create a safe learning environment.

Added on: 29 May 2019

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