In the galaxy called school we provide the children with ample opportunities to show their brightness. To celebrate their first step in school and in order to make the children feel special in the new environment the first major co-curricular activity “Little Stars” was organized for the Classes Nursery, Preparatory and I. The event began with a warm welcome and morning Assembly. The Nuserians showcased their talent by performing a fashion parade of “Fairy tale “characters. The Fairy, Prince, princess, Elf, Pixie and goblin from each section also spoke about their characters. The preppers presented their talent by reciting poems with expressions and actions. The compeering of the entire assembly was very ably handled by the class-I students.

As the theme of the activity was fairyland the land where each child imagines being, they were surprised to see teachers dressed up as fairies. A good luck corner was set up in the assembly area where the fairy wished the children a very good luck in their new school. Children enjoyed doing thumb painting on big cut-outs of balloons, candies, cakes and party pops and used decorative material from class stationery items to decorate these cut-outs. The little fingers spelt magic on the cutouts of balloons, candies and cakes and made them colorful.

Indoor activities were circle time, I am special, crown making, welcome card, Treasure Hunt, Superhero eye mask, Pass the teddy and I am an artist. Balance Beam, Fire in the mountain were outdoor activities. For Class I the follow up activity was of sharing their thoughts about they being special and what they can do. It was an interesting and intriguing activity where it gave each one of them the opportunity to know each other better.  Star badges were given out to kids. They also coloured the plant activity sheet beautifully. The little angels of Nursery colored the activity sheet beautifully and also enjoyed watching the video in the AV room.The preppers circled the hidden treasure neatly in the workbook. The games raised the spirit of participation and competitiveness. At the end of the day the children had experience to carry home and our objective to ensure proper understanding of the activity was successful.

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