Bal Sangam was celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of independent India’s first Prime Minister – Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. The event aims at giving the child the right kind of knowledge and freedom along with giving them an experience which can be cherished.

The event started with a warm welcome for the children by their teachers amidst showers of flowers and putting tilaks on their foreheads. During Bal Sangam indoor activities planned were I  love shapes, Big fish, small fish, Tissue dance, Rainbow Tree Cards.

Children of class I and II enjoyed the game of reaching the corner of Indoor and Outdoor game as per the chit the opened.      Class – III, IV & V enjoyed Drawing Game, Freeze dance, Bingo and creative names. The other activities were:

Guess, Run and win - The group reaching first was the winner. It enhanced the children’s vocabulary, reading skills, pace, alertness and sportsman sprit after winning the game.

Puppet Making- Children were thrilled to make a cute puppet “Rabbit” out of a sock and paper cutouts which they carried home.

My Craft Peacock –Children made a beautiful peacock out of material provided to them show casing their creative skills.

Toss a ring - This fun activity made the little ones not only burn off some energy but their coordination of hands and eye was enhanced.

Like all the good things come to an end so did our fulfilled fair. Children went back home all the joy their little hearts could hold.

Added on: 14 Nov 2018

Published by: School Admin