Cynotype Print Making Photography Workshop from 7th December 2017 to 9th December 2017 was organized at Delhi Public School, Pune that introduced the participants to the basics of the Cynotype Prints. Curated by one of the renowned photographers from the industry, Aditya Arya. Students from classes VI to VIII learned various photographic techniques.

This three-day workshop was designed to pursue multi-level skill development, excelling to develop ‘Positive Image’ in a light sensitive analogue environment. The students were trained for the Cyanotype Solution usage in a dark room for Negative development, followed by the process of Coating, Light Exposure and Washing to achieve Positive Blueprint of Negative Images. During this process, the photographic material needed to be coated, sensitized, exposed and developed within 15 minutes. Hence, a portable darkroom was necessary for on-field work.

The highlight of the workshop was the ‘Photography Exhibition’ inaugurated by the school Principal Mrs. Neelam Chakrabarty. The blueprint images of the participants were exhibited in the premises where the budding artists introduced their work and described the art of photography and printing of images to their parents and guests. The training module also focused on aspects of photographic composition inducing various styles of photography on which the students exercised “Texture Photography” on the last day of the workshop. While this workshop enabled students to get hands on experience with a historical printing process, it also focused on two very essential elements of photography- ‘Creation’ and ‘Patience’. The workshop concluded with an interactive session with the trainer. The purpose of conducting the workshop to train young pupils in analogue printing of the images and develop an interest in photography was achieved.

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