The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.’

With the idea of creating happy memories for the children of class V “Khoj” was organized this year. These children spend most of the day time together and what fun it will be for them to spend a night of fun and frolic together too. Creating the atmosphere for the children to enhance their intrapersonal bond, this year’s Khoj was organized on November 16, 2019 This year’s theme was particularly chosen to bring the children closer to the world ofanimals, hence the theme of ‘Animal Planet’. After all, Earth is not for humans alone.

After they settled in and met their friends, they were all set to venture out. Thus, they assembled near the main stage to witness the evening assembly. To make the evening more exciting for the teachers arranged for some cultural activities such as plays and dance.

The Principal addressed the students and welcomed them to the amazing experience of Khoj. During the assembly, the students were made aware of the dos and don’ts. Once the indoor activities were done, it was time to have some more fun for these children.  There was a plethora of activities awaiting for them outside. An array of holistic activities as diverse as Musical Hat, Commando Race, Simon Says Dance Party, Hula Hoop Hop, Blindfolded Snake, Tail the Horse, The Tallest Tower, The Pyramid Hunters and Wheel of Fortune which made the most introvert child of the class more involved and competitive and which just added yet another dimension to their personalities.

This was followed by the dinner. Later all the children were ready for the movie. The movie this time was ‘The Lion King’. With the event packed evening and all the energy filled performances, children had to be forced to retire to their beds. After the morning chores the kids did some rejuvenating yoga.  The children then got busy with the holistic activities which was followed by breakfast. After enjoying the nutritious breakfast the children got busy with their friends for some more games and activities and soon it was time for them to say goodbye.  This experience of Khoj had made everlasting memories in their beautiful minds!

Added on: 14 Nov 2019

Published by: School Admin