The celebration of “100th day” is all just to boost up the confidence amongst the children and it also to make them feel special in school. Delhi Public School, Pune organized this much awaited activity “Centurions” to make the hundredth working day of its youngest members special.

A gratifyingly decorated cake lighted with “100”candle was cut by the school Principal Mrs. Neelam Chakrabarty and congratulated the students on completing 100 days in school. Then children who were dressed up like 100 years old man and woman spoke few lines in the assembly. The enactment and dance by the teachers on “Healthy Diet” not only made them laugh but also endorsed them to think. Every day during the informal time, the little fingers would do magic on a sheet of paper in the form of coloring, drawing, painting, pasting etc. These beautiful works were then documented by means of a portfolio which was then handed over to them on the 100th day. There were many indoor and outdoor  activities conducted such as Magic wand, 100 Days Crown, 100 Thumb Impressions, Chain of 100 smiley faces, Fun with numbers, 100 Days Rhyme, My 100 Counting Mat, Coloring Worksheet, When I will be 100, My Eye Mask etc.

Follow up activities were figure painting and children along with some teachers visited an old age home and gave the grandparents beautiful cards to make them smile.

Added on: 13 Jul 2018

Published by: School Admin