“The Japanese Garden – Pune Okayama Friendship Garden”

“Walk in the rain, smell flowers, stop along the way, build sandcastles, go on a Field Trip, find out how things work.

An excursion plays vital part in learning through the real life experiences and enhances children’s knowledge beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Class III students of Delhi Public School Pune were taken to an excursion to “The Japanese Garden – Pune Okayama Friendship Garden” on 27 February 2020. This garden is inspired by the 300-year-old Koraku-en Garden in Okayama. The garden has naturally flowing water from a canal, the flow has been spread across the garden. Children took a walk through the garden and enjoyed the landscape which changes along the garden paths. The scenic beauty, birds and greenery all around enthralled the children. The most amazing moment was when the children spotted colourful fish from the top of the small bridge of the pond, in the centre of the garden.

This excursion was really informative and taught children about love and care for beauty of nature and importance of silence. It was a great first-hand experience for the students to enjoy themselves amidst nature.

Added on: 27 Feb 2020

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