“Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun.” – Albert Einstein

The art exhibition plays a crucial role in presenting the childrens’ art work. The thematic approach of the art work provides a valid context through which the significance and meaning of each work can be re-established. Art also strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Three days Art workshop was conducted with zeal and enthusiasm from 29th May 2019 to 31st May 2019 in the premises of Delhi Public School, Pune.The introductory day of the workshop dealt with the interesting story-telling session. The possibility of these stories in the lesson transaction was explored. The associated conflict and communications plays an important role. Some related Hands on activities like posters making, drawings etc. were conducted.

The Day 2 was an extension to the previous topic of a story-telling into a lesson transaction. Art first team put up a presentation to exhibit their perspective. The educator elaborated the topic and a few activities were also conducted.

On the Day 3 of the Art Workshop teachers got an opportunity to learn from new educator Ms. Kavita Saha. Teachers were given the ply wood and they were asked to carve any composition with the help of woodcutter tools. They printed the design on the cartridge paper. They took proof of their image to rework on it. The teachers had a great learning experience and enjoyed the artwork.

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