There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of the child. There are seven million.” Walter Streightiff

A workshop was conducted to sensitize the parents about the importance of “Understanding Child Development” of their children. The workshop with the parents of class Nursery to II children was conducted by the teachers which catered to a variety of topics related to enhancing the parent-child relationship.

Bringing schools and parents together improves academic and social success for children which are the reason that Team Delhi Public School, Pune always works on strengthening this partnership.

The parents were inquisitive and interested to know about the topic- “Understanding Child Development”. This workshop acted as an eye-opener on a current problem which is very often ignored by parents in understanding the basics in the development of their child. The workshop aimed to support and promotes the idea that all the parents have an important role in understanding their child.

The skills and strategies imparted during the workshop will enable the parents to help their children grow in confidence and resilience. The parents gave a genuine feedback that through the workshop they could understand how to raise child’s self-esteem and spend quality time with their children. They also learned effective strategies in disciplining them.  Parents also learned how to support children in various endeavors - without placing unjustifiable stress on the children.  This was a very enjoyable, and yet effective way of communicating the very basic ideas of understanding the individual differences.

Throughout the workshop, the parents thoroughly enjoyed and could take away many tips to handle the challenging task of positive parenting. The parents showed keen interest and involvement. Thanks to the facilitators who explored and delivered the issue in depth that the parents were able to gain much insight and this Parent-Teacher interactive session ended on a positive note.

Added on: 30 Dec 2019

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