In Delhi Public School Pune, Mathematics week was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm from 18th December –22nd December 2017. Many logical and brain storming activities had been conducted throughout this week to enhance the children’s logical thinking and reasoning. The Mathematics week was celebrated with objective of creating awareness about importance of mathematics in day to day life situation and also to create students interest in studying the Mathematics.

The students learnt about the achievements of Ramanujan in regular assembly through students speeches as a part of Mathematics Week Celebrations. The school Principal Mrs. Neelam Chakrabarty gave an encouraging speech in the assembly to motivate the students to enjoy the interesting aspects of maths. The little Nurserians performed the activity “Who am I” in which they recollected the shapes taught in the class and matched them with the shapes from the Jodo Gyan kit. The students of class Prep were provided with a number board and a bead. Addition sums were put on the chalk board for the students to solve.

An activity “My Magical Shape” was conducted. The children made various things based on shapes using their creativity and imagination with the help of ice-cream sticks. The children of class II were divided into groups and Mental Maths questions were asked to the students, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The other activity was done outdoors which was related to Skip counting and learning tables. Children were given strips of white paper, using scale and black sketch pen children gradually changed the paper strip into a measuring tape. Later children measured the length of different objects.

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