The students of class XII presented special assembly on Friday 21st April 2017, the teacher and two students introduced the topic giving an elaborate picture of how imagination is important and knowledge follow suit. They emphasised that imagination created images in our minds and many great men have converted those images into a reality.

This was followed by the articulate recitation of the Hindi poem titled ‘Naveen Kalpana Karo’ written by the poet Gopal Singh Nepali. Later, a student gave a lucid news analysis on BHIM – (Bharat Interface for money), an app to make India cashless. After which, the English poet Sheldon Silverstein was introduced and the poem titled ‘Where the sidewalk ends’ was eloquently recited in pairs.

There was a song presented by students and also a dance performance (Bharatnatyam and kathak) in order to commemorate The Earth day.

The School Principal Mrs. Neelam Chakrabarty later addressed the students and apprised them a little more on the topic and concluded giving them a few tips to remain healthy and amicable during the holidays.

The assembly concluded with the reverberating sound of the National Anthem.

Added on: 21 Apr 2017

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