Young minds are like soft clay and they can be moulded into a piece of art if they are given the freedom of expression. Keeping this in mind, a very special event “My Special Day” was organized, on 20 April 2017. It aimed at providing rich experiences to these young Dipsites, so that learning becomes meaningful and fun filled. It also gave an opportunity to the children to overcome their shyness and make friends with other children in the class.

A special assembly was held in the multipurpose hall. The student of class I conducted the assembly. The blue stars presented “My Favourite Act “. They were confident and spoke and enacted topics like “Swach Bharat,Poem recitations, short stories etc. with proper voice modulation and clarity. The nursery children presented a “Fancy Dress Show”.

The Prep children who were the orange stars spoke on the topic “All about my family. The children spoke very confidently and with a lot of clarity. Their expressions and voice modulations were outstanding. Indoor Activities for class Prep were welcome cards, I am a color scientist, I am so special etc. Jump in Jump out and Freeze Dance were outdoor activities.

Through myriad of fun filled activities it provided children to learn, explore and to empower themselves. They developed the trust, sense of belongingness and togetherness in their tender hearts towards the school. The games raised the spirit of participation and competitiveness.

Added on: 20 Apr 2017

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