An Art Enrichment Training Programme was organized in the premises of Delhi Public School, Pune from 1st June 2017 to 5th June 2017 for the teachers. The aim of conducting this programme was to accustom the teachers with the skills involved in giving shapes to mind.  It was conducted by Ms. Gopa Trivedi, Mr. Tushar Joag and Mrs. Chanda Sahu. The agenda of five days session was to analyze Art Curated show, lesson plan discussion for the coming term and training the teachers for presentation. On the first day there was a talk on the areas which needed a glance or a change which was discussed in detail and the thought processes were matched to conclude to the best learning outcome from the activities to be conducted. Emphasis was on the objectives and outcomes and lessons plans were finalized under the guidance of the mentor.

On the second day teachers moved on to carry out the projects and try the activities so that children can do them in the class without any problems. On the third day each teacher had to present a power point presentation on any two artists. The hard work put in by each one paid off really well when the mentor appreciated each ones’ effort. Names and works of eminent artist were encapsulated in PowerPoint slides and presented forth.

Mrs. Chanda Sahu took the training session on the fourth and the fifth day of the programme on “thinking and the importance of questioning skills”. She commenced the training with a re-cap of Bloom’s Taxonomy where Cognitive learning had to be analytical, evaluative and creative. Activities were conducted to enhance the learning objectives like the one with the Hula Hoop and Insight into Myself by applying the RAAS model.

The five day workshop concluded with a note to reinforce the learning and the intent to implement these in the class rooms.

“Good teaching is more about asking the right questions than getting the right answers”

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