The centenary of Mahatma Gandhi’s first Satyagraha in India is being marked this April. It was undertaken in the erstwhile undivided Champaran district in northern Bihar. He went there in April, 1917 on learning about the abuses suffered by the cultivators of the district, forced into growing indigo by British planters or estate owners.

Delhi Public School, Pune marked the beginning of the centenary celebration of this initiative of Mahatma Gandhi with a guest lecture on Monday 10, April 2017. The school Principal, Mrs. Neelam Chakrabarty who is the inspiration of all the endeavours of the school honoured the guest with a momento.

Mr. Sagar Kamat, the faculty of Symbiosis Centre for Mass Communication, Pune was the guest speaker of the day. His subjects of specialization include History, Political Science and international affairs. Mr. Sagar Kamat reiterated the Gandhian values, when he narrated how the Mahatma was dressed ‘unsuitably’ when he went to London for the Second Round Table Conference. He also enlightened the students about the evolution of the word ‘PAKISTAN’, where each letter stood for the various provinces of the country. The guest speaker delivered the entire lecture in a manner, which could connect the greatest man to the present generation in a very interesting manner and made them realize how Gandhian principles are relevant even in the 21st century.


To commemorate this historic day of Champaran Satyagraha, Delhi Public School, Pune organised creative activities for classes VI-VIII. The children of participated with enthusiasm in these activities. They learnt the importance of Satyagraha and the role played by Gandhiji in the freedom struggle. The children made slogans and posters in the form of a collage with symbols associated with ‘Gandhi as a Leader’.

The centenary celebration of the Champaran Satyagraha at Delhi Public School, Pune continued with the book mark making activity for the children of classes IX to XII. Children made beautiful book marks with inspiring quotes of Mahatma Gandhi. Apart from making interesting book marks, an evident factor was how children expressed themselves through the quotes of the father of the nation.

Added on: 10 Apr 2017

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