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INDUCTION PROGRAMME: 3rd March – 15th March 2014
TRAINING PROGRAMME: 18th March – 29th March 2014

The training programme at Delhi Public School Pune this year was divided into two sections: The INDUCTION PROGRAMME for new staff members, that was held from 3rd March to 15th March 2014 and the TEACHER’S TRAINING PROGRAMME that was held from 18th March to 29th March 2014.

Training began every day for this duration with either a revitalizing Yoga Pranayama session or a morning walk on the school lawn. This session was also converted to a team-building session on a few days where activities like basket-ball were conducted for the staff members.

The H&PE session was followed by a rejuvenating music session conducted by the PERFORMING ARTS TEAM. This session included knowledge of Alankar, rendition of Shlokas, learning the School Song The Takshila Gan, learning several Prayer Songs. The session also brought about awareness of the Aesthetic Awareness of Indian Classical Music. Another interesting aspect was the introduction of the teachers to RAGAS.

Another interesting part of the training was the ICT Training Session. Here new staff members were introduced to various concepts and formats that are a necessary part of life at DPS Pune; while prevailing staff members enhanced their skills in this category.

Each Training Session scheduled in March also encompassed a visit to our RESOURCE CENTRE which included a guided; prescheduled plan. The teachers thus familiarized themselves with the entire school and the system through various Reading material.

Sessions to familiarize the teachers with various PEDAGOGY CONCEPTS were also held. These included:
1. Maslow's Hierachy of Needs
2. How to develop reading skills at an early age in children
3. Teaching of Language in Classroom
4. Time Management Source
5. Promoting learning in Mathematics
6. Critical Thinking
7. Creative Thinking
8. Story telling Session
9. Intrinsic Motivation
10. Positive Student Teacher Relationship
11. What kind of teacher do you want to be?
12. Bloom's Taxonomy
13. Be Proactive
14. Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences
15. Learning Styles of Children
16. The Warm Embrace
17. Instructivism Vs. Constructivism
18. Think Win
19. The Behavior Code


Our experience in DPS Pune in the training period is incredible . May it be a module or ICT training. Shastriya raga gayan or rather khayal gayki is something that gave us positive behavioural attitude. English language usage and other modules like intrinsic motivation, student-teacher relationships were really very helpful. This and many other upcoming modules are going to help us out in the coming session to fulfill the expectations from us. All the AV modules were very nice and we learnt a lot. We all want to and we are imbibing every possible essence so that we can spread the aroma how so ever toilsome conditions prevail.