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Le Benevolat 2015-16

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“A Healthy Student is a Better Learner” 

Global Hand wash Day is a way to support a global and local culture of hand washing with soap, and raise awareness about the benefits of handwashing with soap. Since 2008, Global Hand Washing Day has been celebrated annually on October 15 worldwide. The practice of hand washing with soap has become one of the international hygiene agenda. As a result the UN General Assembly has designated October 15, as the Global Hand washing Day to echo and re-enforce its call for improved hygiene practices.

Delhi Public School, Pune celebrated Global hand wash day in order to imbibe the spirit of Hand washing programme in its true perspective and making it an inseparable part of their daily routine.

A hand wash corner in the senior wing quadrangle was created. It was decorated with charts carrying messages on the importance of washing hands. Students demonstrated the correct steps of washing hands. Proper hand washing with soap and water is an important barrier to many infectious diseases and promotes better and healthy well-being. Hand washing is one of the most practical and effective ways of preventing the spread of diseases.

Further in order to mark the importance of the day, students of class VII during the break time presented a skit – ‘Hand washing and Germs’. It emphasized on transmission of diseases like Hepatitis, Shigellosis and Diarrhoea through dirty hands. It was enjoyed by one and all present.