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Le Benevolat 2015-16

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Wings to Soar started out with a vision…of helping young men and women carve out a niche for themselves, fulfilling their dreams and working with the spirit of esprit de corps to also give back to society. The sessions were conducted by the three elite resource persons; Mrs. Seema Patnaik, Ms. Shriya and Mr. Biswanath Patel. Mrs. Seema Patnaik is the founder and lead counselor.

The Workshop ‘Wings To Soar ‘was designed for the Students of X- XII. Ms. Seema Patnaik in her session acquainted the students to the importance of creative writing. She stressed on the need to hone one’s language skills to be at par with foreign students. She rendered a vivid overview of the various prospects to pursue studies abroad. She showed them the larger picture; how broad the horizon is and the opportunities that await them in future. She reasserted that the need of the hour is critical thinking and not rote learning. It was an interactive session where she addressed their queries. She stressed on the fact that a student needs a global perspective to apply. A major point stressed on was to read voraciously, to enhance the vocabulary, Grammar and knowledge. 

The workshop was also conducted for the parents. The school Principal Neelam Chakrabarty addressing the gathering and enlightened the minds of the parents related to the future education of their wards and the opportunities trailing in. It was followed by a session conducted by Mr. Biswanath. He explained about the acronym of STEM and the need to study abroad. He explained that the curriculum overseas is more flexible & children get more exposure in terms of research .They have regular interaction with the industry & their experts. He gave emphasis on the importance of a good resume and the letters of recommendation.

The young and vibrant speaker Shriya Patnaik provided a detailed overview of the entire application process, choice of colleges, why more students should apply abroad was all discussed in detail. In the field of Liberal arts, high cut offs as a reason was also analysed. The CSS profile was also touched upon. Liberal Arts and its wide ranging implications, and prospects of jobs were discussed Shriya Madam also brought relief by providing valuable insight into financial aid, scholarships into various Universities and the details of going about them.